By GIXER Game Studio

Henshin Jackson is under development by GIXER Game Studio.

Henshin Jackson Gameplay 1

On a quiet island, the young baker Jackson wants to become a superhero, but instead of supporting him, the villagers prefer to cheer for the giant monsters.

The Legend of Zelda meets Tokusatsu Heroes in this story-driven adventure made by GIXER Game Studio for PC and Consoles.

The Elephant Island is open for the players to explore. Look out for Game Cartridges that unlock complete games to use in Jackson's console. Find Action Figures to reveal new transformations and abilities. And dig up new giant robot parts to fight against Kaijus.

With real time cinematics, the game is presented in a very unique and artistic anime visual style by Juno Cecil.

Henshin and get ready to rumble in epic hack and slash real time battles againt hundreds of giant monsters, enemy hordess and bosses.

Henshin Jackson Gameplay 2


  • A love letter to japanese metal heroes.
  • An entire island ready to explore.
  • Hack and Slash real time battles.
  • Real time cinematics
  • Frenetic Boss Battles.
  • giant robot parts to fight against Kaijus.
  • 10 collectible cartridges that unlock complete games.
  • 20 collectible Action Figures with unique transformations.
Henshin Jackson First Screens

Gixer is currently working with Mad Mimic Interactive for the Brazilian launch of the award-winning game No Heroes Here.


Developed by Mad Mimic Interactive, No Heroes Here is a co-op game (online and local) up to 4 players.

GIXER Game Studio is doing PR for the Brazilian market of the game.

In this frenetic castle defense simulator, players need to manage resources, cooperate and coordinate with each other. Teamwork becomes more important than individual skills.

With the fall of the heroes from Noobland Kingdom, it is the duty of the "No-Heroes" to prevent the waves of attack from the enemy. They need to forge different types of ammunition to carry the cannons, which are the only line of defense. It is possible to shoot honey pots, crazed chickens, among other surprises!

The light approach with comic style in Pixel Art avoids any real violence and enhances the charisma of the characters. Even the darkest stages are colorful and full of life, which attracts all ages and groups. Above all, it generates an experience that ties the bonds between friends and family, as well as giving good laughs and discussions.

The Matches through the more than 50 stages will require quick decision making together, so maintaining communication between the team is the key to victory. Work the iron, mix gunpowder, prepare the cannons, team spirit, and blast your enemies in this mind-blowing multiplayer experience!



  • Castle defender with a unique mix of craft and platforming.
  • A love letter to pixel art for a new audience
  • Online and Co-op Multiplayer.
  • 14 playable characters.
  • Frenetic Boss Battles.
  • 53 unique stages.
  • Up to 4 Players.
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Guerrilla Gardening is avaliable NOW!

Guerrilla Gardening Gameplay 1

Experience the guerrilla gardening activism, that transforms cities into gardens without prior permission. Promote a peaceful revolution in the urban space.

Embrace the simplicity as a condition of life, occupying public streets and bringing autonomy.

The will power is strong if you are willing to start a change!

Made during Gr8 Art Games - Goethe Institut 2017.

Guerrilla Gardening Gameplay 2

A game by:

  • Gabrielle Saunitti
  • Gustavo Nagib
  • Hugo Damião
  • Juno Cecil
  • Victoria Lopes
Guerrilla Gardening Screen

Zangado's new visual identity by GIXER

Zangado Mask by Gixer

Zangado, the biggest youtuber of Brazil with more than 3 million followers, chooses Gixer as the official studio responsible for the task of creating his new visual identity.

After using it for 3 years, the Youtuber Zangado will abandon the look of Guy Fawkes, popularized by the comic book "V for Vendetta", to use an original mask.

"The idea is to change the Vengeance V into a tailor-made mask", Zangado explained. "I think I already have an identity to have an original mask."

Zangado By Gixer

Fantasy Moon by GIXER Game Studio.

Henshin Jackson Gameplay 1

Fantasy Moon is a mobile game for IOS and Android.

The rogue Davos want to became the king of knights, but when the bounty hunter Jen step into his life, they have to stick together to clean his name.

Control 2 characters at the same time in this frenetic misadventure.

With real time cinematics, the game is presented in a very unique and artistic anime visual style by Juno Cecil.

Meet the GIXER Game Studio team


Juno Cecil

I'm Juno, CEO and creator of Henshin Jackson. I handle engine and gameplay programming, story work, and art. Nice to meet ya! =D


Gabi Kaoli

I'm Gabi, executive producer at Gixer. I handle the corporate services, physical props, creatures, prosthetics, and model making, basically. Hi!


Renan G. Alves

I'm Renan, badass freaking programmer at Gixer. I handle code and.. thats it, basically. Hello!


Thiago Dametto

I'm Thi, founder of Dametto Studios. I handle sound design and sound effects. Bye folks!

About GIXER Game Studio

GIXER is a independent game development studio focused on creating premium IP with transmedia and licensing potential, outsourcing, and games on demand.

The studio's mobile debut "F-Moon" is spread in more than 60 contries.

Among the past jobs made by Gixer includes Visual Identity and Physical Props for Zangado, one of the most influential youtubers in Brazil, with more than 3.5 million subscribers.

GIXER's Executive Director Juno Cecil has more than 12 years of experience in development and art. His work includes franchises such as X-Men, Spider-Man, Top-Gun, Lego and Rocky Balboa.


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We have been fortunate enough to work with some awesome individuals and brands who value our approach.

At GIXER Game Studio, we see every project as an opportunity to work alongside clients and form deep partnerships built upon a shared ambition for technology, strategy, and design. We believe that it is as much about getting there, as it is about arriving.